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Weifeng Marathon Activities
Date : 2019-04-25     Click : 360

Sport atmosphere is emerging in Zhongshan Weifeng.  Jason and Amy took part in several half marathon events recently, including Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon 2018, Qingyuan Marathon 2019 and Zhongshan Guzhen Marathon 2019. Qinyuan is the first half marathon ever for Amy. Congratulations!  They have finished all matches with reasonable and satisfied results after their struggle and insistence.  Sport is a way to keep us in a better physical and mental status.  Marathon events just like parties for the runners to spend weekends with their families and friends. More important thing is to develop a habit of exercise in ordinary days.


Along with the rapid economy developing in China, more and more people start to pursuit of  healthy life and devote to sports.  Marathon running has surged in popularity in China in recent years. The number of marathons and road races staged in the country grew from just 22 in 2011 to 1,072 in 2018, according to the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA). Though there are still many shortcomings for both organizer and runners, such as disrupting, fake bib number, wearing others number cloth, even shortcuts, but generally the situation is improving as more technology means put into use like facial recognition, microchipped wristbands as well as better management of the events.  More amateur runners realize to “keep to the rules and respect the sporting spirit “.


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